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Tokyo straluceste in lumina expozitiilor lui Tokujin Yoshioka & Mika Aoki

Tokyo straluceste in lumina expozitiilor lui Tokujin Yoshioka & Mika Aoki

Daca esti fan –Sparkly- sau –Shiny- si locuiesti in Tokyo, atunci esti un norocos. Ha! Chiar daca nu locuiesti in Tokyo dar esti totusi fanul chestiilor stralucitoare, afla ca in Ianuarie orasul japonez gazduieste doua expozitii care il invaluie in lumina.



Tokujin Yoshioka – Spectrum


Unii poate ati auzit de el. Tokujin Yoshioka este un designer japonez, cunoscut pentru experiemntele sale cu sticla si cristal. Lucreaza pentru branduri de renume la nivel mondial precum: Louis Vuitton, Glasitalia sau Kartell. In restul timpului reuseste sa isi continue munca prin proiecte artistice, cum este expozitia care are loc in perioada aceasta la Shiseido Gallery in Ginza.

Roughly 350 years ago Sir Isaac Newton proved that white light was composed of other colors and that a prism would reveal them.
“Spectrum” (2017) is an installation of color, to say the least. In a display that would make Newton proud, resonant rainbows radiate from prisms, filling the large space with infinite colors. Even today, this mysterious light fills us with a sense of wonder and astonishment and this is the perfect way to experience it.


 “Spectrum” are loc la Shiseido Gallery  pana pe 26 Martie, 2017.

Mika Aoki – The Forest That Leads To You


La doar 10 minute dai de o alta expozitie, de data aceasta apartinand artistei Mika Aoki, care sculpteaza in sticla reprezentari delicate ale celulelor si bacteriilor microscopice.

“The Forest That Leads To You,” on display at the Pola Museum Annex, presents a dynamic installation inspired by the life cycle of vegetation. Using light and glass to present the unseen connections that have resulted in billions of years of life on earth.


“The Forest That Leads To You” are loc la Pola Museum Annex pana pe 26 Februarie, 2017.


Am fostla Gala Premiilor AFCN sa vad ce proiecte sunt nominalizate si am fost placut surprinsa de creatia contemporana romaneasca.



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